Grounds and Surrounds

The Entrance

The Entrance to the Art is Inn Guest House is your first peek at our place — the building is a bit tucked behind all the greenery, and we actually kind of like it that way.

Entrance to the LittleGoose LakeHaus with Famous Concrete Couch

The famous son-in-law couch awaits at the entrance!

Entrance to LittleGoose LakeHaus Bed and Breakfast

Come inside!

The famous son-in-law couch

The famous son-in-law couch

The New Breakfast Room

The New Breakfast Room is your spot to take in the gentle morning sunlight, enjoy some nice coffee, and a good breakfast (or lunch or dinner)t.


The new Breakfast Room, overlooking the lake and grounds


The Lakeside Deck

Just outside the breakfast room is our deck, with a view of the lake and steps down into the lush backyard.  There’s a dining set on the deck itself and we also have a set of table and chairs tucked into the grounds if you’d like to sip coffee among the leaves and the vines.

Our outdoor deck dining set. The pig\'s name is Charlie!!

The Grounds

The other side of the entrance is the grounds just off the deck.  We love this yard!!  And we would love for you to enjoy it.  When you are our guests here, this garden is your spot to relax and enjoy nature.  In the good I can-slip-back-inside-and-get-more-coffee-in-a-minute kind of way.

View to Canyon Lake from the back deck and yard

View of Canyon Lake from the back deck and yard.

The Back Deck

The common back deck offers a cozy spot to read, sit among the plants, or put your iPhone in Airplane Mode.

The passion vine is passionate about growing

The passion vine is passionate about growing and showing off.

Mmm... peace and contentment on the back deck. The back deck - chill, relax, read, sleep

The back deck rocking chairs

The deck between the hot tubs

Smoking is allowed outside but not in the rooms.


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